Quadrium                                        Co-Founder

Optilink                                            Senior Engineer 

Advanced Fibre Communications   Founder, VP Marketing,

                                                                VP Advanced  Research                                                                Chief Technology Officer                                        
ConvergeLabs                               Advisory Board

Legare Networks                          Founder, Board Member            

Turin Networks                              Founder, President, CEO, Chairman,

                                                         Board Member

Red Condor                                    Board Member

PAX Streamline                              CEO

Innovative Labs LLC                     Founder, President and CEO

Education:                              Honors B.S.E.E. 1979  and  M.S.E.E. 1981                                                                    University of Stellenbosch, South Africa                                        
With his two co-founders, John grew Advanced Fibre to 300 people and a market capitalization of $6 billion. John left to found Turin Networks, an optical networking company. Six years later, when he retired as CEO, Turin was a $50 million business with 250+ employees. Since retiring from Turin, he has been involved in a board capacity with numerous startups, including Red Condor, Clovis, SecureTrack, Innovative Labs and myJambi. John’s telecommunications background extends from the Department of Telecommunications in South Africa  to Lynch Communications in Nevada, where he worked as Senior Development Engineer.

University of Nevada           Professor of Electrical Engineering 1972 -1974

Tele Industries                     Founder, developed T.V. video games, home computers

Renaissance Technology    Founder, VP Engineering, VP Research, developed 43 products

InterVenture             Founder, VP Marketing, VP Advanced Research, CTO,                              

Digital Power                VP Engineering (a public company)

Pocket Technology    Founder, VP Engineering, developed $6 million product in one year

Andrew Communications      RF Engineering, Russia Antenna Program, Satellite Engineer

Human BioSystems             Founder, (NASDAQ company) CTO, VP Engineering

Advanced Fibre Communications    Director of Radio Engineering                                             

Innovative Labs LLC                             Director of Research and Development

Education:                              B.S.E.E. 1972  and  M.S.E.E. 1975  

                                                    University of Nevada, Reno
                          (Elected to National Honors Engineering Fraternity Sigma Tau )

                        Thesis for Ph.D.E.E.,   Poznan Polytechnic University, Poznan, Poland

Victor came to California in 1975 to start a number of business ventures having left National Cash Register as an engineer in Sparks, Nevada.  Victor founded and grew his garage based business from $0 to $30 million (Renaissance) developing inventions into products.  He has a large patent base. Later Victor became internationally involved with Russia satellite deployment and engineering through the Ministry of Communications in Moscow, Victor eventually came to  join Advanced Fibre as the Radio Engineering Director.  After 6 years at AFC he joined with John Webley within Innovative Labs LLC.

Victor Ivashin

Director of Research and Development

John Webley

President and Chief Executive Officer